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Prescription management solutions for assisted living centers and self-reliant individuals

Easy to use and administer

Each compliance package can include your patient’s name and administration time, printed directly on the package. And, the tamper-evident packages can be safely stored until you’re ready for patient rounds.

Reduces the chances of errors

Computerized order processing assures the highest level of accuracy. You can feel confident that your patients receive only the medications they need when they need them. Optional barcoding allows bedside verification, which can help reduce errors associated with improper dosing and/or drug administration.

Saves time and labor

You have the right drugs, in the correct dose, sequenced by administration time, and when you need them. This significantly reduces the time spent in sorting through which medication to give next. Result: you spend more time where it’s needed most – caring for your patients.

The best in packaging flexibility

We can mix or separate meds as needed. Unit dose or multi-dose, critical or non-critical drugs. No matter what packaging protocol you prefer, our system can accommodate it … quickly and efficiently.

Designed with your medication scheduling needs in mind

We can dispense medications in a more timely manner and with shorter durations in response to changing prescriptions. This better facilitates your patient medication schedules, reducing waste and time handling excess or discontinued medications.

The ideal solution for your staff and self-reliant patients

Unit dose or multi-dose, our pre-packaged medications are easier and more convenient to take. Everything about our compliance packaging enhances the ease and convenience of taking medications by patients. Simply select and remove the appropriate individually sealed, sequentially packaged medication packet from its strip. Then dispense the medication inside the packet on the date and time indicated. The result: patients are assured of taking the right medication, at the right time, on the right day, no matter where they are. This greatly enhances compliance and patient well-being. Best of all, nothing could be simpler or more error-free. We can provide compliance packaging for a new level of convenience, flexibility and accuracy in medication dispensing and administration. It’s a system specifically designed to meet the most demanding patient medication needs, no matter where your patient may be. Quickly. Efficiently. Accurately.